Support my children's book about traditional agriculture and climate change

Kids Books Bolivia

My name is Jessie Ebersole. My hometown is Montpelier, Vermont, and I am a junior at Middlebury College, where I am majoring in Development Studies. This semester I am studying in Bolivia with a School for International Training (SIT) program.

 For the final month of the semester I will be researching how the recovery and harnessing of traditional agricultural knowledge can be utilized to address the already-present effects of climate change in Bolivia.

A core value of SIT is reciprocity. For this reason, in addition to writing an academic paper describing the results of my research, I am thrilled to have the opportunity to put what I learn into the form of a bilingual children’s book, in partnership with Kids Books Bolivia.

The quality and accessibility of children's books are two key issues in Bolivia. Typically, books are not written by Bolivian authors, are not about Bolivia, and are difficult for most families to afford. Kids Books Bolivia is an organization that promotes stories, written by undergraduate exchange students, which recognize and value the lives of ordinary Bolivian kids. The books reveal Bolivia’s multicultural heritage, while exploring the challenges faced by the country today. The books are sold in both the U.S. and Bolivia to further intercultural exchange. All proceeds go to finance affordable books and book donations for Bolivian children, schools, libraries, community organizations, and literacy programs.

By incorporating traditional agriculture knowledge into a children’s book with a fun and compelling plot, I hope to validate for kids the rural Bolivian lifestyle with its many rich traditions.

The publication of the book will cost approximately $800-900. I am seeking donations to make my book become a reality. Any amount will be greatly appreciated.

For more information and to view children’s books written by past SIT Bolivia students, feel free to visit the Kids’ Books Bolivia program website at .

All the best,