Help me publish my kids' book!

My project

As part of my final project for my semester abroad, I volunteered for two weeks at a children's library in rural Bolivia.  I was so inspired by the kids' big imaginations and use of library books to learn about the world that I decided to create a kids' book based on this library. The story is a crazy adventure that comes out of a library book that also highlights the natural wonders of Bolivia. I can't wait to present my book to the library, but I need your help publishing it first!

Why am I raising money

I am raising money to fund the publication of this book as part of the Kids Books Bolivia collection (check out The books will be printed in Bolivia and used for many different educational and fundraising purposes.  Moreover, I hope that this story will promote children's literature as a unique resource for children in changing cultures.  I would love your support in this process.

Why join/support me?

Your contribution will:

  • Help promote children's literature in a country that lacks access to kids books and libraries
  • Create a book accessible to English-speakers, Quechua-speakers, and Spanish-speakers alike
  • Promote cross-cultural education

I hope I can count on your support. I need caring people like you to sponsor my efforts.

Also, please bookmark this page if you’re interested in keeping track of my progress as I approach the fundraising deadline. I encourage you to browse the rest of this website so you can learn more about SIT Study Abroad and The Global Reciprocity Fund.

Blog and contact info

Please feel free to email me at or read more about my trip at!