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“We attempted to come up with a solution to escaping these difficulties; we decided the best way was through education ..” Read More

Hannah Melnick, SIT Study Abroad Alum Bolivia

"I had an obligation to give back to the community that welcomed me as a stranger." Read More

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The Global Reciprocity Fund: Give back in a meaningful way

SIT Study Abroad is deeply engaged in local communities worldwide. Our alumni spend their semester abroad as part of the local community: studying with local faculty, living with homestay families, and gaining a deep understanding of the culture, language and critical issues of the area. During this time, they also realize the importance of reciprocity. Many alumni describe their experiences as transformational and wish to give back to their host communities in a meaningful way.

Through the Global Reciprocity Fund, alumni can continue to collaborate with Academic Directors and local program staff in over 40 countries to support local initiatives that benefit marginalized communities and change lives.

How The Global Reciprocity Fund works:

1. Alumni submit their project ideas to the SIT Study Abroad Academic Director (AD) in that country. The AD determines whether the project is sustainable and has community support. Once a project is approved, the AD will ensure completion, appropriate local oversight, and proper stewardship of all resources.

2. With AD support, alumni then create a personal fundraising page for their project. Click register or create a fund to get started.

3. All money raised for the project is received by SIT Study Abroad/World Learning. Donors will receive World Learning tax-exemption for their donation and a receipt for their records. The monies raised are transferred on a quarterly basis for the AD to apply to the project.

4. Alumni, with the support of the Academic Director and local staff, report back to donors about the project’s status. Alumni may update their personal fundraising page with project status updates.

To propose a Global Reciprocity project or ask questions, please contact or call 802-258-3515.